What is Pilates?

The contemporary Pilates approach was originally developed in the early 20th century by German fitness enthusiast Joseph Pilates as a way to introduce resistance exercise to bed bound patients. Since its inception, Pilates has grown in popularity and has been adopted by physiotherapists world-wide due to the increasing amount of evidence that demonstrates its efficacy in treating chronic musculoskeletal conditions.

Individual Pilates sessions work with your body’s specific needs to strengthen and stabilise, prevent injuries, and develop greater control of movement which can have a significant impact on your life. Your progress is not propelled by comparing yourself to someone else but rather by setting your personal goals and working with us to achieve them.

  • Ever sat at the back of a Pilates class and wondered what neutral spine really is and are you      doing it?
  • Wanted to get better at clam kickouts but not getting the feedback you need?
  • Have you ever wanted to try using a reformer or cadi?

At Tailor Made Physiotherapy, we are committed to helping you recover from injury if one happens, but we would prefer to work with you to prevent one! 1 on 1 sessions are a great way to start Pilates or just refine your skills.