Injury Screening

Playing sport inevitably comes with a risk of injury. With sport participation on the increase the best way to ensure a long and happy sporting career is to screen for and correct deficiencies and injuries at a young age. With this in mind, the AFL have implemented a screening program in their junior ranks to prevent injuries in juniors, and ensure their elite players are fit for the senior ranks. Prevention relies on knowing which players are most at risk for injury.

This AFL initiative is relevant for any field sport. It consists of a questionnaire and then a series of core tests that have been shown to determine risk of injury. It is applicable across different ages and skills levels, suitable for evaluation of injury outcomes as well as simpler and easy to apply. The screening tools are reliable and valid, easy to perform and require only inexpensive equipment.


Here are links to the questionnaire and core tests:

Screening Questionnaire

Core Tests – pg1

Core Tests – pg2

If you have any questions regarding screening protocols or injury prevention, feel free to call us on 9481 9856 and speak to one of our physios or pop in for an appointment.