Lower Back Pain Guidelines

Low back pain is a painful and potentially debilitating condition that affects thousands of people around the world every day. However, when faced with an episode of low back pain many of us are unsure of how best to manage this frustrating condition in its initial stages. Prior to consulting your physiotherapist, here are some basic strategies to employ to help manage your acute pain:

  • Don’t panic – evidence suggests that the vast majority of people suffering acute low back pain for the first time will recover completely within 3 months – particularly if they are suitably managed through an episode by an appropriate practitioner. Pain experiences and causes are vastly varied and individual and thus recovery times may vary between patients – this is completely normal.
  • Remain active and try not to focus solely on your pain at all times. Avoid periods of prolonged sitting and attempt gentle walking on flat surfaces to prevent excessive stiffness
  • Paracetamol can often be useful to provide gentle relief for mild to moderate pain – always consult your GP prior to using stronger medications.
  • Consistent use of gentle heat therapy (such as the use of a wheat bag or warm showers) can be extremely helpful to relieve any associated muscle spasm

Always remember that low back pain is a blanket term that encompasses numerous underlying pathologies so it is important to obtain a thorough assessment by a qualified health professional in order to develop the best solution for your back symptoms. For a thorough assessment of your low back pain give Tailor Made Physiotherapy a call on 9481 9856.