Sports Testing

Specific sports testing protocols have been implemented by professional clubs and elite organisations such as the AIS for many years. The results of sports testing are then utilised as a method of improving sporting performance and tailoring training programs for athletes. Unfortunately these same procedures have been largely inaccessible to most clubs below a national level.

Tailor Made Physiotherapyhave up-to-date data, modern equipment and standardised protocols that allow us to test individual and team performance in a number of areas applicable for multiple sports including football, AFL, netball and hockey. Designed to mirror the testing of professional athletes in the AIS, our protocols focus on key performance areas including agility, power, speed, endurance and flexibility.

How would sports testing be advantageous for your team or club and result in more focused and productive training?

  • Identifies individual and team areas of strength and weakness
  • Allows coaching staff to focus on areas of concern thus maximising training efficiency
  • Provides objective measures to assist with talent identification and grading
  • Allows for the development of injury prevention strategies to help athletes play consistently over a season
  • Inspires individuals to reach specific athletic goals and play at a higher level

Included in the sports testing package are individual player reports (this includes raw data which is processed and compared to team and normative age-matched scores). Individual areas of weakness are noted and targeted exercise ideas to focus on these specific aspects are then prescribed for each player to enhance their performance. Additionally, a coaching report containing overall team recommendations and a copy of each players results are included. We are also happy to liaise with coaching staff to provide further advice on injury prevention strategies and functional drills to improve identified areas of weakness within a team.

If your club or team is interested in gaining the benefits of a targeted and professional approach to sports testing  then please contact Tailor Made Physiotherapy today on 9481 9856 or email

Sample Coaches Report

Sample Player Report